Are you tired of your dog keeping 

your family and neighbors awake 

just because he likes to hear himself bark?


Discover how to use simple, dog-friendly techniques that will stop your dog's chronic barking before a neighbor or a judge does it for you...


Dear Fellow Dog Owner,

Are you afraid to say Hi to your neighbors when you walk out to your car in the morning because you know that your dog spent the entire night barking at every imagined threat he heard or saw?

Do you get dirty looks when you come home from work because your dog started yapping the moment you closed your front door that morning and didn't stop until you came back home?

If your dog suffers from chronic barking, the chances are you know exactly what I am talking about. And if you don't know yet -- you will.

Dogs don't know they're not supposed to bark any time they feel like it. They're just doing what comes naturally. So it's not a matter of bad dog when this happens; it's really a matter of bad owner for not teaching their dog good manners.

Not only do your neighbors judge you by the behavior of your dog, municipal judges can judge you as well. 

Here's just one example from the City Of Pleasanton, California:


Fine amounts levied against dog owners are as follows:
1st offense
2nd offense
3rd offense
4th and subsequent offenses



No matter how you cut it, a chronically barking dog is a problem...

...YOUR problem


But there is a way to put a stop to the problem 

IF you understand why your dog barks constantly, 

and if you know the simple steps to cure the underlying problem.


Once you understand why your dog is making all that noise, you can address the issue and cure it. 

The problem is, there's no "one-size-fits-all" reason for why your dog is a chronic barker to begin with. 

But if you have an easy-to-follow checklist that explains the most common reasons, and the symptoms that go with each of them, you can quickly determine the exact steps needed to stop chronic barking permanently.

You might be interested to know that different breeds exhibit chronic barking for different reasons and that some breeds are pre-disposed to being chronic barkers while others are not. If you have one of the targeted breeds, you'll need breed-specific solutions.

It's bad news if you have a dog that suffers from chronic barking, but the good news is you're not alone.

 Barking dog complaints are so common that almost every city, town or municipality has anti-noise laws that address barking dogs. 

In some areas there are even neighborhood association by-laws that deal directly with the problem.

quoteA common neighborhood animal control complaint centers on dogs that bark excessively. Continuous barking, especially during late night hours, can result in neighborhood disputes and is a violation of the City Animal Care Ordinance.

According to code, “Noisy Dog” - no person shall allow an animal to bark, yelp, whine, howl, or make sounds common to its species in excess, continuously for 15 minutes or for a total of 20 minutes in a one-hour period. .unquote

City of Ft. Wayne, Indiana


If you don't want to end up in court, or you don't want your neighbors taking matters into their own hands like in these true stories below, it's time to get serious about your dogs problem and start doing something about it right now.




Stop Your Dog's Chronic Barking


The step-by-step guide that helps you quickly and permanently cure your dog's chronic barking problem.

This helpful guide is 31 pages of easy-to-follow techniques that will take you by the hand and show you how to stop your dog's chronic barking forever.


Stop Your Dog's Chronic Barking is fact-filled and designed for you, if you want to:


  • Restore the neighborhood peace and quiet that your dog has been interrupting

  • Cure your dog's chronic barking without spending hundreds of dollars on trainers

  • Avoid financial penalties or dangerous vigilante actions by your neighbors

Wouldn't you love to have peace and quiet yet still be confident, knowing that your dog will bark if there really is a threat to your or your family?


Get ready to discover how to permanently stop chronic barking in record time!

Most people who buy this book do so because they own a dog that is guilty of chronic barking. 

They are having (or want to avoid having) problems with their neighbors and they have no desire to pay hundreds of dollars in court-ordered fines every time someone makes a complaint. 

If you'd like to avoid this, get your copy of Stop Your Dog's Chronic Barking right now for only $9.97



How would you like to discover exactly what it takes to 

stop chronic barking in record time?


Here's what you'll discover...



The psychology behind why dogs bark to begin with. 

You may think you know, but there's one particular reason that will floor you!

See Page 3
Checkmark The most and least-likely breeds of dogs to exhibit chronic barking behavior. See Page 7

Actual case histories that can help you identify if your dog is a true chronic barker.

See Page 9

A "why dogs bark chronically" checklist that will help you rapidly identify your dog's particular problem. 

You may be shocked to discover that there's one reason that's all your fault!

See Page 13

How to retrain your dog and break the chronic barking cycle.

See Page 20

Secrets of the "Alpha Male" solution that really works.

See Page 23

If you think this solution is all 'wet', you're right.

See Page 26

When all else fails, ask your Vet about this specific issue.

See Page 29

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